Wings & Fingers


Single (10) 1 Blue Cheese… $15.99
Double (20) 2 Blue Cheese… $26.49
Triple (30) 3 Blue Cheese… $35.99
Bucket (50) 4 Blue Cheese… $51.99


Single (10) 1 Blue Cheese… $11.99
Double (20) 2 Blue Cheese… $19.99
Triple (30) 3 Blue Cheese… $27.99
Bucket (50) 4 Blue Cheese… $40.99


(3) 1 Blue Cheese… $9.99
(5) 1 Blue Cheese…. $12.99
(10) 2 Blue Cheese… $19.99
(15) 2 Blue Cheese… $25.99

Add Small Fry… $2.50


Plain • Mild • Medium • Hot • Honey Mustard • Sweet Chili • Honey BBQ
• BBQ • Teriyaki • Garlic Parmesan • Stingin’ Honey Garlic • Boom Boom Sauce • Chipotle BBQ • Honey Sriracha • Mango Habanero • Cajun • Nashville Hot • Suicidal • Scorpion • Viper • Red Death


Red Death: Our most extreme sauce made from various spices combined with vinegar, ginger, and one of the worlds hottest peppers ( “Carolina Reaper” ) which measures around 1.6 million Skoville heat units.

Viper: Extreme sauce made with various spices, vinegar, pineapple, peaches, habanero peppers, chipotles, and Ghost Peppers. Has a sweet initial taste but don’t be fooled for long.

Scorpion: Extreme sauce combined with various spices, birds eye peppers, scorpion peppers, ginger, vinegar, and honey.

Suicidal: Hot sauce made from Cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, crushed red peppers, black pepper, salt and garlic.

Nashville Hot: Sweet and Spicy thick dry rub of spices, cayenne pepper, and brown sugar.

Cajun: Dry rub consisting of cajun seasoning and light butter.

Hot: Hot sauce made from a variety of cayenne peppers.

Mango Habanero: A smooth and balanced sweet and spicy hot sauce recipe featuring habanero chili peppers and mangoes.

Medium: A thick and creamy sauce made from a blend of hot sauce, Worcestershire, butter, and tabasco.

Mild: A bright and tangy sauce that’s packed with flavor and made with a blend of hot sauce, Worcestershire, butter, and tabasco.

Honey Sriracha: Delicious sweet and spicy sauce made from a combination of honey and sriracha.

Chipotle BBQ: This is a classic style barbecue sauce with the added smoky flavor of chipotles.

Sweet Chili: Tantalizing tangy taste with sweetened red chili peppers create a zesty, but mild flavor that’s perfect for the craving for a conservative kick of heat.

Boom Boom: A taste comprised from a fiery varietal of chili peppers, with savory notes from garlic and a hint of smoky paprika spice.

Stingin’ Honey Garlic: Taste of honey garlic sauce and kicks it up a notch with spicy cayenne pepper.

Garlic Parmesan: Rich, creamy sauce packed with parmesan and dried garlic for mouth watering flavor.

Teriyaki: Tastes sweet, sour, salty and savory. Made from soy sauce, sake, ginger, and sugar.

BBQ: Classic Sweet BBQ taste!

Honey BBQ: Perfect combination of honey and sweet BBQ sauce for a nice sweet and tangy taste.

Honey Mustard: Sweet, tangy, and creamy sauce made from simple ingredients like honey, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, and a couple spices.